AtlantaSky believes that successful custom web design projects start with a well-defined process and clearly defined Internet marketing goals.

By implementing the following (6D Strategy) six phases, AtlantaSky is able to ensure that your project stays on target with regard to website structure, content, results management, timing, and budget.


  • Discovery... Identify Project Purpose

    During the discovery phase, we will consult with you to determine the objective of your website presence. This will include defining your current situation, company information, products and services offered, competition, website purpose, web design and layout preferences, e-commerce needs, website content and functionality, domain name and web hosting information, website marketing, promotion and preparation for search engines, website training and maintenance, resources and budget.

  • Definition… Site Structure Development

    In this phase, we determine how site visitors will interface and access your information. That is, what paths they will take as they navigate through the site, the structure, the layout, color scheme and information flow. We will build a site map to determine the site structure in its format online.

  • Design …Design and Site Build Out

    Next we develop or implement graphics and layout for the site. We will build a graphical mockup for your review. Upon your satisfaction with the direction of the design mockup via email or in writing, a full working template is created and is placed in a private directory on our server for further viewing and evaluation purposes. At this time, suggestions and changes are encouraged. With your final approval of the design concept, we will complete the graphics, collect or write all necessary text, and build any animation or jQuery elements for the site.

  • Development …Programming Build Out

    Programming needs vary from site to site and yours will be built and populated according to the content provided. The programming build out phase will reflect the completed, Internet-ready website. Any specific business processes and communication tools of your company will be programmed to function within the framework of the site. All features will be diligently tested until it is perfected.

  • Deployment …Release Site

    At the time of deployment, we test and optimize the site for cross-browser compatibility and search engine readiness. With your approval of the site, we launch your site live on the Internet and submit your website to the top search engines. It is our standard practice to test our websites immediately upon going live and we suggest that our clients do the same.

  • Declare …Affirmation of Ongoing Site Maintenance

    At this point our job of creating the site is complete and the site is released. Your public website represents your company to the web savvy world and graphics, navigation, technology, and usability must be kept current. We suggest that you establish a regular review and maintenance schedule after the initial release of your website to accommodate client requests, content updates, user feedback and emerging web technologies.