Atlanta Responsive Web Design from AtlantaSky – Adapt to any screen size

Atlanta Responsive Design

Responsive design is where the layout and design changes based on the device used to view the website e.g. mobiles and tablets will see a different version of the site to PC visitors which will be suited to the screen size to improve readability and make the website much more user-friendly for all visitors. By making it more user-friendly you are satisfying your visitors (when your visitors are satisfied they’re more likely to give their hard-earned money to you), and you are also satisfying the search engines who reward websites that provide a good user experience by increasing your search engine rankings. The image below shows what our website looks like on different screen sizes

So why is mobile-friendly, responsive web design so important?
If you didn’t know that the number of mobile and tablet users is growing it’s quite possible that you’ve been living under a rock! Now the reason that’s important to us as business owners is that it’s also meant there has been a significant growth in the number of people using mobiles and tablets to surf the web and shop online.

So don’t you think it’s important that we make that experience as easy as possible for them. You don’t want visitors coming to your site and getting frustrated because they have to scroll from left to right and zoom in and out to navigate your site. The only scrolling they should be doing is up and down, and there shouldn’t be the need to zoom in and out at all. If not it’s quite possible that these visitors will get frustrated and move on to the next site…your competitor.