Atlanta Video and Audio Content Management Systems from Atlanta Sky – Maintain Your Multimedia

Atlanta Video and Audio Content Management SystemsVibrant pictures in photo galleries on your website are not only visually pleasing, but they also give your visitors an easy way to see your products and services with their own eyes. Video players are another excellent way to speak directly to your customers through multimedia, whether it’s with a demonstration of your products, important messages about company news, or any other valuable information best served through the medium of video. But without a powerful, robust video and audio content management system, it’s nearly impossible to feature such rich media on your site.

Luckily, AtlantaSky offers a feature-rich, easy-to-use audio and video content management system that we tailor to each of our clients. Our jQuery photo galleries are easy to use, as you can upload pictures directly from your digital camera. The system then does the grunt work of resizing and optimizing the photos for use on the Internet. Similarly, our video players accept video uploaded directly from your camera, regardless of the file type. The system will then optimize the video so it loads and plays quickly on your site. We can even design sites where your visitors can upload their own videos, often a great way to build interest and traffic for your site.

The Internet has proven in recent years just how important and attractive vivid multimedia options on a website can be, and with a video and audio content management from AtlantaSky, you can easily create and manage the picture galleries and videos on your site. To learn more, or to find out about our other all-inclusive custom web designweb development, and Internet marketing services, contact us today.